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Nom Eats started as just a random idea one day while eating some food. We thought to ourselves there was a major lack of great vegan food in the Reno/Sparks area, and we love to cook awesome vegan food, so why not try and cook this food for other people? Surely if we like to eat this food, there must be others out there willing to eat this food…and pay money! With that small idea, a large venture had started. We thought to ourselves: “Selves, let’s just buy a food truck and start selling this stuff! It has to be easy, right?!”

Almost 3 years later, I am here to tell you, no, it isn’t easy. Nothing is ever as easy as it seems on paper. After almost rebuilding the whole truck, we are finally here today to start selling food to the public! We are looking to bring awesome vegan food to the masses, and the great part of it all is that we can be mobile and bring the food to wherever the masses are at the time they’re looking to get their eat on. If you’re out late at night and get a hankering for some fine vegan cuisine, we might just be waiting around the corner ready to serve some up.